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Who We Are

Our purpose, vision and guiding principles define who we are and how we work with every individual.

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Our Guiding Principles

We have a few guiding principles we strive to live by every day.​

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Our vission

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring a high-quality coaching experience to professionals at any career level.  We serve individuals and organizations to make coaching accessible to all.  Our Watering Seeds™ initiative supports underrepresented communities so that everyone, regardless of their starting point, can choose to be their best.

Our Purpose

Like the rippling of waves in a pond or the continuous repetition of tree rings, coaching is a transformative experience that moves you forward in your career and in life. We believe there is extraordinary in you, and our purpose is to nurture that extraordinary. Whether you are an individual taking the next step in your career or an organization who wants to grow your people, we are privileged to partner with you on your journey.


We respect everyone and make sure they feel it.​

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We believe the value you give comes back to you.

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Just as we help you ​

be your best, we strive to be our best, too.

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We’re human and bring our whole selves to every relationship.

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We work to make every experience matter.

Our Purpose
Our coaches background

Our Coaches


As a senior executive in an international organization, Ellen led economic reform with governments in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Through this she learned how to empower diverse teams and deliver on results even under difficult and rapidly-evolving circumstances. As a leadership coach, she helps clients find their professional and personal balance and unlock their full potential to transform vision into results.

Our Coaches
Work With Us
Our Team

Leadership Team

Quantuvos | Gregg Bedol and Margaret Brake

Margaret Brake

Co-Founder and Chief Coaching Officer

As an executive coach, consultant, and facilitator with more than
twenty years in leadership and organizational development, Margaret has worked with hundreds of mid-level to....

Gregg Bedol

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Gregg is a serial entrepreneur working with technology and services companies since 1998. With twenty-five years of experience and a strong record of helping companies...

Beth (Burbage) Vann

Vice President, Customer Success

Beth is committed to helping people and companies grow and develop. Her corporate experience includes financial services, for-profit education....

Joanna (Asia) Jarosz, PhD

Executive Director,
Center for Coaching Effectiveness

Joanna Jarosz holds an M.A. in economics from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of....

Mike Dillon

Chief Growth Officer

For more than five years, Mike has been a growth strategy advisor and go-to-market consultant for midsize companies that appreciate his plain-spoken...

Brian Gorman

Vice President, Program Development

Brian has worked with clients as they identify the goals they want to achieve and come face-to-face with what is holding them back...

Maja Dragnic

Senior Vice President, Operations

Maja has more than fifteen years of experience in management consulting, project and program management, strategic planning and.....

Selma Kikic

Vice President, Finance

Selma is a seasoned finance leader and business partner, demonstrating extensive experience in corporate finance across diverse settings, including...

Chris Campbell

Vice President, Technology Development

Chris is a highly skilled technology leader and software architect with extensive experience in API.....

Mary Slaughter

Chief Customer Strategy Officer

Mary is a seasoned corporate executive, human capital consultant, and published author. Her global enterprise roles have included Chief People Officer...

Tad Lebeck

Chief Technology Officer

Tad is a global technology executive with more than twenty years of leadership building and growing enterprise software companies. He has successfully....

QAdvisory Board

Vivian Vitale

Vivian Vitale

Advisory Board

Vivian has over more than thirty years of experience in people management in high technology organizations with the last twenty years as part of the leadership teams...

Sam Iosevich

Sam Iosevich

Advisory Board

Sam Iosevich has been architecting and developing business analytics platforms for more than twenty years. He has implemented his solutions...

Mike Dillon

Mike Dillon

Advisory Board

For more than five years, Mike has been a growth strategy advisor and go-to-market consultant for midsize companies that appreciate his plain-spoken, outcome...

Noel Stephens

Noel Stephens

Advisory Board

A former founder and CEO of a technology start-up, Noel has held senior management positions at Unisys, Mastercard, and Transax/Equifax.

Donny Askin

Donny Askin

Advisory Board

Donny is a retail technology pioneer, entrepreneur, and leader with more than four decades of experience founding and growing successful high-tech companies...

Linda Hoopes

Linda Hoopes

Advisory Board

Linda helps organizations, teams, and individuals thrive in turbulence, and writes and speaks about resilience, change, and employee well-being.

Mary Slaughter

Mary Slaughter

Advisory Board

Mary is a seasoned corporate executive, human capital consultant and author. Her global enterprise roles have included Chief Learning Officer.....

QAdvisory Board

What Our Coaches Are Saying

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The journey to your best self
starts with the very first step.
Let’s get started.​

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"Working with clients as they connect with their passion and guiding them as they live into it makes my heart sing!"

"It is truly a privilege to support my clients through the coaching process. I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to bear witness to their vulnerabilities, self-reflection and to objectively hold a mirror to this process to facilitate their journey into awareness, insight and action."

"Coaching is very rewarding. I am continually inspired by the courage clients show by taking a hard look at themselves and doing the inner work that leads to their improved effectiveness both professionally and personally."

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