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Gregg Bedol

Co-Founder and CEO

Gregg is a serial entrepreneur working with technology and services companies since 1998. With twenty-five years of experience and a strong record of helping companies successfully execute major initiatives, Gregg has held key leadership roles in program management, strategy execution, business transformation, and change leadership. He has followed a variety of paths, having started and run new ventures, consulted with companies large and small, led business transformations, and managed the execution of complex strategic initiatives. He has worked with a wide variety of companies in a range of industries, including Andersen Consulting (Accenture), Kurt Salmon Associates,, Wal-Mart, Merck, Habitat for Humanity International, National Vision Associates, lululemon, and others. Gregg is skilled at transforming established companies and working with young organizations, balancing strategic and operational perspectives. He leads strong teams, develops and implements innovative solutions, manages and measures progress, assesses and mitigates risks, and assures companies realize their goals.
Gregg recognized there was a need for Quantuvos after helping his recently graduated/newly employed daughter through some of her acclimation angst. He had an epiphany: not everyone has a parent who can help and everyone can benefit from a great coach, even early in their careers. Quantuvos was created from that core understanding.
For Gregg, his wife and daughters are everything, followed closely by the Watering Seeds Foundation, Quantuvos, and Broadway musicals. He bakes, plays piano, sings in two choruses, walks the dogs (not enough), and believes that All People Must Be Respected, Equal means Equal for Everyone, Love is Love is Love, Black Lives Matter, and Vote as if Your Life Depends on It – because it does.

Gregg Bedol
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