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Quality coaching customized for your organization.

Quantuvos is your partner in professional development with flexible coaching solutions designed to make your company a home for great talent. 

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Our Approach

Our Approach

Quantuvos is a professional development company with coaching solutions designed to help you solve your toughest business challenges. We’re in the business of behavior change, and our goal is to deliver a relevant, powerful coaching experience. 


We believe there is extraordinary in everyone.​

Together, let’s nurture
the extraordinary in your organization.


Your challenges

We work with some of the world’s largest companies as well as some of the newest and most agile, helping them address their toughest challenges. From leadership development to fostering an inclusive environment, we help you build a thriving, resilient culture. 

What challenge can we help you solve?


Our solutions

We support employees at all levels through individual coaching and build organizational capabilities through targeted group coaching. We partner with you to align our coaching solutions with your talent strategy, co-creating something unique, dynamic and extraordinary. Every coaching program is tailored for a custom fit.

Mountains Meet Lake


Individual coaching empowers your leaders to unlock their full potential, refine their leadership skills, and drive organizational growth through personalized guidance and actionable strategies.

Support Group


Group coaching offers a collaborative learning environment where your employees come together to share experiences, challenges, and insights, guided by an
expert coach.

Splash of Water

Team Effectiveness Coaching

Team effectiveness coaching elevates team dynamics, fosters collaboration and drives transformative outcomes. Unleash your team's potential through guided growth and support. 


Network Q

Network Q is a human capital coaching, community, and content platform that offers top-quality professional development resources to subscribers and coaching clients.


Network Q content is carefully curated and uses advanced technologies to deliver the right topics in the right way at the right time based on individual needs and preferences.  


The Network Q content center's resources can introduce concepts, reinforce behavior change, and assist individuals in achieving their professional development goals.

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Watering Seeds

We want everyone to become their best self.  With that in mind, we offer pro bono and discounted coaching to nonprofit organizations whose mission is to serve underestimated individuals.  Watering Seeds makes it possible for everyone, regardless of their starting point, to choose to be their best.



“I've had a breakthrough using the suggestions my coach provided over the past few months. She's been terrific at understanding my challenges and giving me feedback on how to improve.”
Our Solutions
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Make your organization a home for great talent.
Let’s get started.​

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