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Staying viable in today’s world requires new solutions. Find out how our clients have used coaching to address four critical challenges.

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Attracting & Retaining the Right Talent

Young professionals look for organizations that are socially conscious, purpose-driven and invested in their growth. Many of our clients are attracting these candidates by offering benefits that truly matter – professional development is one of them.​

Our model makes it possible to offer coaching as a benefit to all. It communicates to employees your commitment to their growth and success.

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Building Skills & Resilience for the Future

90% of CEOs believe their businesses are being disrupted, and 70% believe their people lack the skills to adapt. Building future capabilities, particularly resilience, will continue to be a focus area for organizations that want to remain viable. Because coaching has demonstrated faster, more sustained results than any other form of learning, our clients are offering it to reinforce existing training, develop new skills and help their people adapt to change.

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What We Do

If you’re looking for solutions to these challenges, Quantuvos offers high-quality coaching at scale. We support your employees through individual coaching and help you build organizational capabilities through targeted group coaching.

Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion​

Even with increased social consciousness, significant barriers to advancement still exist among diverse employees. Along with those barriers, leaders often don’t know how to create an inclusive environment, even with the best of intentions.​​

Our clients are offering coaching as a way to prepare diverse, high-potential leaders for the next level. Our targeted coaching programs help leaders learn how to create the inclusive environment everyone wants.​


Navigating the Remote Work Environment

Organizations have been thrust into remote work environments with little preparation and tools to offer their employees. Many companies are looking for ways to maintain a cohesive culture and equip their people to lead and work differently. Coaching provides a level of support that fosters employee well-being. It helps remote workers avoid isolation and burnout and supports leaders in their efforts to keep their teams engaged and productive.

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Individual Coaching

Our Coaching Isn't Cookie Cutter

We recognize each person is unique and has extraordinary potential. That‘s why we tailor our coaching to the individual‘s needs while understanding the broader, organizational goals and context. Individual coaching can help your employees address immediate or long-term needs including:


  • Navigating workplace challenges

  • Handling change, stress and disruption

  • Building critical skills for current and future roles

  • Reaching professional growth goals

Group Coaching

Coaching Isn't Just for Individuals

Targeted group coaching programs allow you to develop capabilities across the organization and support employees in building relationships as they learn and share challenges together. Our targeted coaching programs align with your learning goals and can include topics such as:


  • Navigating a remote work

  • Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Building resilience through change

  • Preparing new leaders for success

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Accelerated skill development for current and future roles

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Leaders prepared for advancement to the next level

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Improved job performance leading to better results

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Increased resilience to handle stress and change

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Greater engagement and retention of employees

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Ability to attract talent by offering a unique benefit

The Impact on Organizations

Coaching accelerates growth, and when your people thrive, so does your organization. Professional coaching has an ROI of more than six times the cost. Some of the benefits your organization can expect from coaching include:

With the high return on investment and the affordability of our coaching, there‘s no better way to help your people be their best.


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What Our Clients Are Saying


“I am tremendously grateful for my coach’s guidance and coaching. She helped me find "me" again, the person that I want to be – productive, joyful, and one who seeks ways to share my talents and experience.”

“My coach was amazing! He was very intuitive and pulled from a broad range of experience to help guide me in navigating complex issues. I am looking forward to the next steps on my journey toward professional growth.”

“My coach is very engaging, a great listener, and a strong communicator. He seems well-equipped to help me address my challenges in my new team manager role.”