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How We Work

We make it easy for organizations to offer coaching to their employees on a broad scale, while offering individual clients the ability to tailor their coaching experience to their specific needs.

Our Process

We partner with you using a 6-step process that helps us design a successful coaching program:

Alignment with Your Organization’s Goals

We believe coaching should never be conducted in a vacuum. To that end, we make sure our coaching aligns with your talent development goals. Our solution reinforces existing initiatives and ensures you get the highest return on your development dollars.

Online Discussion
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For Organizations

For Organizations
Support Group

A Transformative Experience for Your Employees

Coaching can be transformational when it’s tailored to individual needs and accessible to everyone. We make it easy for organizations to offer coaching on a broad scale, with minimal effort on the part of Human Resources. We work together to customize the experience for everyone involved.

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We spend time getting to know your organization and work with you to design a program that meets your needs.

Participant Selection

We help you identify the right participants for the program, whether you are conducting a small pilot or implementing coaching on a broad scale.

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Data Gathering

We gather data throughout the process and report aggregated themes from the coaching through your own personalized company dashboard.


Our coaches are educated on the needs, goals, and nuances of your organization and have the proper context before working with your employees.

Continuous Improvement

We meet with you regularly to discuss progress towards goals and improvement ideas to continue to enhance the coaching experience.

Communication & Onboarding

We provide tools to help you communicate the program and ensure participants are prepared to start their coaching.

Getting Started with Quantuvos

Organizations pay a low monthly subscription fee per employee to access our platform plus an hourly rate for each coaching session. This includes:

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Proprietary client/coach matching for every employee

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A customized dashboard that tracks key metrics

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Data on utilization of coaching hours across the company

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Employee satisfaction scores and value received from coaching

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Aggregated themes around growth areas for employees


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For Individuals

For Individuals

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Design Student

Choose to be Your Best!

Every aspect of the coaching experience is tailored to your specific needs. Once subscribed, you’ll have access to our technology platform, our outstanding team of coaches, and an exciting journey ahead!

Our Technology Platform

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Matching with a coach tailored to your specific needs

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A personalized dashboard to track your progress towards goals

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Scheduling capability making it easy to book coaching sessions

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Live video conferencing sessions with your coach

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Targeted resources that align with your coaching goals

Our Services Are Guaranteed

We are confident you will find coaching to be time well-spent. If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with a session, you can be matched with a different coach and receive a credit towards a future session.

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