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What is Watering Seeds?

The Watering Seeds program is designed to ensure diverse, untapped, and underestimated graduates succeed, with the support of local corporations, local chambers of commerce, universities and other organizations. 

Watering Seeds helps individuals progress from economic hardship, systemic, historical and first-generation challenges, and succeed. 

“Success” is not graduation from college, but long-term financial self-sustainability.

Watering Seeds provides coaching and professional development support to these young adults, delivering a bridge from college, a foundation, and a safety net in those early working years. 

Watering Seeds™

Quantuvos’ Watering Seeds™ program ensures promising, young adults from untapped and economically disadvantaged backgrounds succeed in their careers.

While existing programs are helpful in college, the support often ends when they transition into the workplace.

Quantuvos' Watering Seeds program bridges this gap by providing discounted or pro bono coaching that lays the foundation for their long-term growth and success.

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How It Works

Individuals are selected to participate by colleges, community organizations, or corporate foundations. They are offered coaching services approaching graduation and into their first year on the job, and beyond. Our tailored coaching program helps them build important skills in the workplace to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Our goal is for everyone to choose to be their best regardless of their starting point.

Participant Benefits

Participants in our Watering Seeds™ program gain important benefits early in their careers:



Participants develop professional skills and feel more equipped and confident as they begin their careers.



Participants have the accountability of a coach to apply what they are learning and stay focused on the right things.



Participants gain an immediate network through group coaching sessions, providing support as they enter the professional world.



Participants are better prepared not only for their first job but for advancement opportunities in their organization.

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Participant Benefits

Quantuvos is seeking to work with organizations that can benefit from our Watering Seeds™ program and those who can fund it.

If you’d like to help Watering Seeds nurture extraordinary, please contact us at

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