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Strengthen Your
Leadership Team with

High-Quality Coaching



The Challenge

Developing effective leaders is a continual challenge. Leaders face daily hurdles such as disengaged teams, talent loss, generational conflicts, and the rapid rise of AI. We expect them to do more with less, adapt to changing conditions, and build new skills quickly, all without adequate training. 

Traditional leadership development programs often fall short—they are time-consuming, costly, and aren't tailored to the needs of the individual leader.
And the options can be overwhelming. 

The Solution

Coaching is a more effective solution to grow your leaders. Unlike traditional approaches to development, coaching helps leaders address their most pressing challenges in real time, leading to immediate results. 

What Does a Coach Do?

A coach can provide expert guidance, feedback, and slupport specifically tailored to the individual. Coaching also creates the space for leaders to develop new skills through practice and reflection, ensuring lasting improements in their capabilities. An investment in coaching yields an average return of six times the cost. 

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Select a Plan That's Right for You



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12 Individual Sessions



5 or more executives

$3900 each

All Coaching Plans Include:

  •   A personal profile to help you clarify your coaching needs and what you want in a coach

  •   Matching with 3 experienced coaches from which you can choose

  •   Coordination and scheduling of all your coaching sessions at a time that works best for you

  •   Personalized sessions focused on your specific needs and facilitated by your coach

  •   Follow-up recommendations and action items to help you stay focused in between sessions


Why Quantuvos?

Quantuvos provides virtual coaching to leaders at all levels of the organization. Our coaching programs are:

  • High Quality—Our coaches undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure a depth and diversity of experience. 

  • Affordable—At less than half the price of traditional executive coaching, we make coaching accessible to more of your leaders. 

  • Right Fit—We've perfected the science of client/coach matching, leading to some of the highest satisfaction scores. 

  • Personalized—We work with each leader to understand their goals and create an experience tailored to their needs.

"This is by far the best leadership development experience I have had. I could not have asked for a better resource for this stage in my career."

—Senior leader in a Fortune 500 company

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Our Guarantee

Quantuvos' services are 100% guaranteed.


If, at any point, you are not satisfied with a coaching session, you may request a different coach, apply the cost of that session to a future session, or receive a full refund.

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The journey to your best self
starts with the very first step.
Let’s get started.​

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