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Some of Our Clients Include:
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Coaching shouldn’t be conducted in a vacuum

At Quantuvos, we make sure our coaching aligns with your talent development goals. Our solution reinforces existing initiatives and ensures you get the highest return on investment from your development dollars.

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Reinforce training programs by focusing on application of new skills and behavior change

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Provide personalized and ongoing support to high-potential leaders

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Address individual development areas from performance and talent management reviews

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Guide employees in identifying career paths and developing skills needed for future roles

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Help people leaders develop coaching and team effectiveness skills

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Encourage engagement and communicate the organization’s commitment to its employees

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Proprietary matching with an experienced coach

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Scheduled coaching sessions that link to your calendar

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Live video conferencing sessions with your coach

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Goal setting via your own personalized dashboard

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Our entire network of resources and support tools

Getting Started with Quantuvos

Our Pricing Is Affordable

Individual subscribers pay a low monthly subscription fee to access our platform plus an hourly rate for each coaching session. This includes:

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Our Services Are Guaranteed

We are so confident you will find your coaching to be time well-spent that for your first session, you can pay us what you think it’s worth–no strings attached. If, at any point, you are not satisfied with a session, you can be matched with a different coach, receive a credit towards a future session, or receive a full refund for the cost of the session.

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