How It Works

Our Process

Our process is simple. Once you or your company registers with Quantuvos, we take it from there!

  • 1


    at quantovus.com

    You connect with Quantuvos and indicate your coach and scheduling preferences.

  • 2


    with potential coaches

    Algorithms match you with several potential coaches, and you select your coach.

  • 3


    via video conferencing

    You and your coach connect either immediately or for a scheduled session via video conferencing.

  • 4


    for growth and success

    You and your coach work together to identify goals, work through challenges and create action plans.

  • 5


    for behavior change

    We provide targeted content and resources in between sessions to reinforce behavior change.

  • 6


    results & improvement

    You track your progress toward goals via the platform and rate your coach after each session.

Our Technology Platform

At Quantuvos we love Q words. That’s why we’re on a “Quest” to deliver the “Quintessential Coaching Experience.”

To that end, we’re building a technology platform that serves as a one-stop-shop for all things coaching. It’s the place you’ll go to connect with your coach, set your goals, and engage in a variety of activities that will reinforce what you’re learning and help you bring about real change in your life.

So, if your interest has been piqued (another good Q word), you can see what we’re up to!

We Want To Hear From You

We also love to “query” people like you to see what you think the Quintessential Coaching Experience would look like. Tell us your wild, crazy, “no way could this be done” idea to help us build the ultimate coaching experience.

We’re a professional coaching company that believes there is extraordinary in everyone. We make coaching accessible to professionals at any career level affordably, virtually and on-demand. Learn more >



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