Nurture Your Extraordinary! 

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Welcome to Quantuvos!

We believe there is extraordinary in everyone, and it’s our responsibility to nurture that extraordinary.


Quantuvos is a virtual coaching company that brings high-quality coaching to professionals at any career level. Learn more about what we offer and the benefits coaching can bring.

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Why Coaching?

The business environment today is constantly being disrupted in ways we never imagined.

All of us are faced with the reality of having to adapt quickly, learn new skills on the fly, and make decisions in a world that's rapidly changing. 


Professional coaching is one of the most effective ways to navigate these new realities. Working with a coach gives you the guidance, support and structure to accelerate your career growth in a complex world.  


Whether you want to overcome obstacles to success or build important skills for the future, coaching is tailored to your specific needs and goals, making it a powerful way to reach the next level in your career.

Invest in Yourself

Research shows that an investment in coaching receives an average return of 6 times the cost.

And there’s no better investment than the one you make in yourself!


Quantuvos offers executive-quality coaching at a fraction of the cost of traditional executive coaching. And Quantuvos' coaches aren't just as good as executive coaches, they are executive coaches.  With Quantuvos, you get the benefit of truly great quality coaching at a very affordable cost. 


Experts suggest allocating 3% of your income to your own professional development. Better yet, these types of allocations are often paid for by your organization. Contact your human resources department or look for "professional development" in your company policies and benefit documents.

Learn an easy, 5-step process for asking your company to pay for coaching. If you haven't started investing in yourself, today is the day!

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Coaching Can Help You

Coaching can provide tremendous benefit at any point in your career, whether you are a recent graduate or a mid-career professional. Some of the many areas people work on with a coach include:

  • Developing resilience to handle change and disruption

  • Staying connected in a remote environment

  • Improving difficult relationships at work

  • Managing stress while avoiding isolation and burnout

  • Leveraging strengths to find fulfillment in your work

  • Developing leadership skills for the next level

One of the best parts about coaching is the opportunity to have a confidential conversation where you can be yourself and feel heard and understood.

Not sure what to work on with a coach? Get our free guide, "Coaching Topics for Professionals."


How It Works

Quantuvos' 5-step process makes it easy to get matched with a coach and jump start your professional growth!

Select a Plan That's Right for You


Looking to Support a Team?

Quantuvos offers group coaching programs and combines individual and group coaching into tailored targeted programs to meet your specific needs.

Group programs offer the benefits of content-driven training while facilitating deep conversations and supporting true behavior change.  It's the best of both.

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Access our platform and create a personal profile

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Get matched with 3 coaches and select your coach

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Connect with your coach for your virtual session

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Receive targeted resources in between sessions

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Track your progress towards your professional goals

All Coaching Plans Include:

  •   A personal profile to help you clarify your coaching needs and what you want in a coach

  •   Matching with 3 experienced coaches from which you can choose

  •   Coordination and scheduling of all your coaching sessions at a time that works best for you

  •   Personalized sessions focused on your specific needs and facilitated by your coach

  •   Follow-up recommendations and action items to help you stay focused in between sessions

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The journey to your best self

starts with the very first step.

Let’s get started.​

Our Coaches

We have a diverse team of coaches representing a wide range of backgrounds. Our experience spans many decades across all industries, geographies and stages of one’s career.


We bring an approach that reflects our values of compassion, genuine interest in you, a personalized experience, and a commitment to helping you achieve your personal best.

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Our Guarantee

Quantuvos' services are 100% guaranteed.


If, at any point, you are not satisfied with a coaching session, you may request a different coach, apply the cost of that session to a future session, or receive a full refund.