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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging
Targeted Coaching Program

Nurture Extraordinary

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Why DEI&B?

While research has shown that companies with a proven commitment to DEI&B outperform their peers, only a small percentage of organizations realize these gains. Even when companies recruit and hire for diversity, often the different perspectives aren’t effectively leveraged. For DEI&B to become truly embedded in an organization, leaders need a common language plus the mindset and skills to create an inclusive environment where people feel a sense of belonging. Only then do differences bring value to the workplace.

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Program Structure

Quantuvos’ DEI&B programs are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of the organization.

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Most programs include a series of group and individual coaching sessions over a six-month period.


For group coaching, leaders are placed in small cohorts and continue with the same participants throughout the program. Each group session focuses on a specific topic and includes pre-work and post-session action items to reinforce the learning.


Individual coaching allows individuals to work through their own unique challenges in a safe environment.


The combination of group and individual coaching helps participants build relationships and identify areas of application.

Woman Working on Laptop | Why Quantuvos?

Why Quantuvos?

Traditional forms of learning are not enough to bring about the behavior change that leads to real culture change. Quantuvos’ targeted DEI&B program is a unique solution that combines the best of training, coaching and action planning to maximize the transfer of learning and sustain positive behavior change.

DEI&B Program Goals

The goals of the program are to help leaders

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Gain a common understanding of the benefits of DEI&B and the risks of inaction

Recognize unconscious bias and how it shows up in mindsets and behaviors

Become more comfortable having difficult conversations around DEI&B

Create more inclusive environments that maximize the talents of their teams

Build confidence and eliminate fear so that leaders feel empowered to take action

Program Components

Below is an example of a program for frontline and mid-level leaders

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Understanding Dimensions of Diversity
Participants learn about the various dimensions of diversity and how they create value for the organization.

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Creating Psychological Safety

Participants recognize how unconscious biases and microaggressions erode trust and how to overcome these barriers by creating a safe environment.

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Developing Inclusive Behaviors

Participants identify best practices for leveraging diversity to strengthen collaboration and innovation within their teams.

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Action Planning and Sustainment

Participants evaluate their progress and define an approach to sustain behavior change within and across their teams.

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Successes and Challenges

Participants draw lessons from and anchor their successes; they identify and commit to actions for addressing challenges that have arisen.

Individual coaching is interspersed throughout the three to six-month period,

typically alternating with group coaching.

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