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Nurture Your Extraordinary! 


Select the Plan that's Right for You

Quick One

1 hr sessions

Introductory Price:
Regular Price:
Choose this plan if you:
...have an immediate or pressing need, or you just want to get a taste of coaching.

Quest Two

1 hr sessions

Introductory Price:
Regular Price:
Choose this plan if you:
...want to work with your own coach, 1-on-1, on a specific coaching need or growth goal and would benefit from the follow-up of an additional session.

Quantum Six

1 hr sessions

Introductory Price:
Regular Price:
Choose this plan if you:
...know that coaching is a great tool for your professional development. You want to work through several growth areas over time with an actionable plan and accountability.

All Coaching Plans Include:

  A personal profile to help you clarify your coaching needs and what you want in a coach

  Matching with three experienced coaches from which you can choose

  Coordination and scheduling of all your coaching sessions at a time that works best for you

  Personalized sessions focused on your specific needs and facilitated by your coach

  Follow-up recommendations and action items to help you stay focused in between sessions

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Looking to Support a Team?

Quantuvos offers group coaching programs and combines individual and group

coaching into tailored targeted programs to meet your specific needs.

Group programs offer the benefits of content-driven training while facilitating

deep conversations and supporting true behavior change.  It's the best of both.

our guarantee
Our Coaches

Quantuvos provides Watering Seeds with its diverse team of coaches representing a wide range of backgrounds. Their experience spans

many decades across all industries geographies and stages of one’s career.


Our coaches bring an approach that reflects our values of compassion, genuine interest in our clients, a personalized experience, and a commitment to helping everyone we serve achieve their best.

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our guarantee
Our Guaranteed

Quantuvos’ services are 100% guaranteed.


If, at any point, you are not satisfied with a coaching session, you may request a different coach, apply the cost of that session to a future session, or receive a full refund.

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The journey to your best begins with the very first step. Let's get started.

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