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Dr. Linda Hoopes is the founder and president of Resilence Alliance, an Atlanta-based firm focused on helping individuals, teams, and organizations learn to thrive in turbulence. She works with clients as a speaker and consultant on resilience, human energy sustainability, and change readiness. 

Linda is the author of Prosilience: Building your Resilience for a Turbulent World, which won the 2018 EPIC award for best nonfiction book. She has built a global network of practitioners who apply the Prosilience framework and the Personal Resilience Profile assessment in coaching, training, and consulting.

Linda received her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Tennessee and is licensed as a psychologist in the state of Georgia. She is also a musician, photographer, sailor, and massage therapist, and weaves these influences into her work.

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Q: How does your work and area of expertise intersect with Quantuvos?

A: Resilience and organizational change are my two primary areas of focus. Many of the circumstances and situations that people bring into coaching arise from: 

  • work and life challenges (including organizational changes) that call on resilience resources; and

  • opportunities to become more effective at leading organizations through change and supporting the resilience of their members.

I believe that having useful frameworks and tools to understand and support these needs are essential to coaches, and am working with the Quantuvos team to build their capability in these areas.

Q: What about Quantuvos is appealing to you?

A: Human flourishing - the intersection of bringing our best to the world and experiencing a strong sense of well-being - is of deep interest to me, as I believe that when we flourish, we are able to bring to the world what it most needs. I love Quantuvos's emphasis on nurturing the extraordinary, including both their corporate coaching and their Watering Seeds program, as I believe coaching is a resource that can help people flourish with greater ease.

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